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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Commitment and Recommitment

I have been very impressed by the way my personal commitment affects my fitness. I’m sure there are many of you who may think “duh, Boston,” but I guess I just didn’t recognize it until now.

Over the last three weeks, my weight loss has been less than stellar. Since the end of February, I’ve stayed the same weight (or even gained a pound or two). I’m tempted to offer a plethora of reasons as to why that is, but as I reflect on them, I realize they are nothing more than poor excuses. And those excuses hinge on one thing: my commitment.

Because I haven’t been committed to my goals, I haven’t been living a “weight-loss lifestyle.” I’m more willing to rationalize eating bigger portions or more unhealthy items. I find other things to do than go to the gym. And these feeligns gets easier and easier as the days pass.

There have been a couple times in the past few weeks that I told myself I would start again, but I didn’t really have the conviction. I wasn’t committed. Thus, it didn’t happen.

My dad once gave me a wonderful gold nugget of wisdom: you become what you think about and commit to. Such a simple statement, but very profound. In essence, when we commit our lives to a task or goal, and when that end becomes the focus of our thoughts, nothing can keep us from accomplishing it. So, when video games, movies, pizza, unhealthy snacks and laziness are what occupy my mind, I tend not to lose weight.
That doesn’t mean I cannot think of those things. But it means I have to be more committed to my fitness goals, and whenever those above mentioned items (or any other distractions) start to crowd out my commitment to fitness, they need to be removed and set aside.

So, here’s to recommitment and moving forward. I hope if anything, my (hopefully short-lived) lapse in commitment will be of some worth to those of you who may find yourself struggling with your own commitment, whether to fitness or anything else. And if/when those times come that you struggle with commitment, I hope you’ll remember that it doesn’t mean you’re through. Just pick yourself up, recommit and move forward.